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"Artificial Intelligence in the Earths Magnetic Field Study.
INTERMAGNET Russian Segment."

Program of the Workshop

Working languages
Working languages of the workshop are English and Russian. The oral and poster presentations in English are desirable.
Contact information

Alena Rybkina, GC RAS t.: +7 495 930 05 46;
fax: +7 495 930 05 06
e-mail: a.rybkina@gcras.ru
Nina Titskaya, GC RAS t.: +7 495 930 05 46;
fax: +7 495 930 05 06
e-mail: n.titskaya@gcras.ru

26 January, Wednesday

08:0008:30 Departure from Moscow to Uglich

13:0013:30 Arrival to Uglich

14:0015:00 Lunch

15:0016:00 Excursion in Uglich

16:0017:30 Registration, hotel accommodation

17:30-17:45 Opening of the workshop and exhibition

A.I. Yasinsky (Deputy Head of Administration of Uglich region, Russia), A.D. Gvishiani (RAS, Russia), A. Chulliat (INTERMAGNET, France), M. Mandea (IAGA, France), A.I. Rybkina (GC RAS, Russia)

17:4520:00 Session 1. Fundamental problems of the Earth's magnetic field study

Chair: V.I. Starostenko (Institute of Geophysics NAS, Ukraine)

17:45 Why did the North magnetic pole suddenly accelerate?

A. Chulliat, G. Hulot (IPGP, France), L. Newitt (BLSS, Canada), J.-J. Orgeval (Poly-Arctique, France)

18:05 Secular Variation of th Main Magnetic Field. Data and models

A.V. Khokhlov (GC RAS, Russia)

18:25 Solar-Terrestrial Physics and energy infrastructure security issues

V.D. Kuznetsov, N.A. Makhutov, V.G. Petrov (IZMIRAN, Russia)

18:45 Fundamental properties of the long period geomagnetic pulsations obtained by using INTERMAGNET data analysis

N.G. Kleimenova, O.V. Kozyreva (IPE RAS, Russia)

19:05 New generation 1-second INTERMAGNET standard magnetometer

V.E. rpnv (LC ISR NAS, Ukraine)

19:25 Ionospheric Alfven resonator: theory and observations

O.A. Pokhotelov (IPE RAS, Russia)

19:45 Global network of geomagnetic observatories as a useful tool for the study of quiet and perturbed conditions on the Sun and in the heliosphere

I.S. Veselovsky, O.S. Yakovchouk (MSU, Russia), K. Mursula (University of Oulu, Finland)

20:30 Welcoming reception

27 January, Thursday

08:0009:00 Breakfast

09:0013:40 Session 2. INTERMAGNET observatories and other geomagnetic observations in Russia

Chair: A.D. Gvishiani (Geophysical Center RAS, Russia)

09:00 INTERMAGNET operations: achievements and perspectives

A. Chulliat (IPGP, France)

09:20 The Geophysical observatory "Klyuchi", Novosibirsk, Russia: 6 years in INTERMAGNET (achievements, problems, prospects)

S.Yu. Khomutov (Geophysical Observatory "Klyuchi" (NVS) AS GS SB RAS, Russia)

09:40 Geomagnetic observations in Borok Geophysical Observatory

S.V. Anisimov, E.M. Dmitriev, K.V. Aphinogenov, A.V. Guriev (Borok (BOX) Geophysical Observatory IPE RAS, Russia)

10:00 Secular variation of the main magnetic field of Saint-Petersburg region and problems of the prediction

Yu.A. Kopytenko (IZMIRAN SPb, Russia)

10:20 Proton Overhauser magnetometers POS: experience of long-term operation and new options

V.A. Sapunov, A.Yu. Denisov, D.V. Savelyev, S.V.Kiselev, V.V. Savelyev (Ural Federal University, Russia), S.Yu. Khomutov (Geophysical Observatory "Klyuchi" (NVS) AS GS SB RAS, Russia)

10:40 GFZ Potsdam contribution of upgrading Russian observatories to INTERMAGNET standard

H.-J. Linthe (GFZ Potsdam, Germany)

11:00 Significance, present state and perspectives of the auroral zone magnetic activity monitoring by the Russian Arctic magnetometer network

O.A. Troshichev, A.S. Janzhura (AARI, Russia)

11:2011:40 Coffee break

11:40 CRENEGON Project and its impact on magnetic observations in NIS countries

A.S. Potapov (Irkutsk (IRT) Geomagnetic Observatory ISTP SB RAS, Russia), S.Yu. Khomutov (Geophysical Observatory "Klyuchi" (NVS) AS GS SB RAS, Russia), J.L. Rasson (Dourbes (DOU) Geomagnetic Observatory IRM, Belgium)

12:00 Geophysical base of Moscow State University in Kaluga area and its role in studies of the deep structure of the region

P.Yu. Pushkarev, N.L. Shustov, V.A. Kulikov, V.K. Khmelevskoy, A.G. Yakovlev (MSU, Russia)

12:20 The Kaliningrad magnetic-ionospheric observatory: current status and perspectives

I.I. Shagimuratov, Iu.V. Cherniak, N.A. Korenkova (IZMIRAN West Department, Russia), V.D. Kuznetsov, K.H. Kanonidi (IZMIRAN, Russia)

12:40 Off-system calibration of observatory magnetometers without interruption of their operation

A.A. Marusnkv (LC ISR NAS, Ukraine)

13:00 History of Kazan Magnetic Observatory Establishment (1823-1842)

M.P. Cherzor (Volga Region Federal University, Russia)

13:20 Virtual magnetic observatory in auroral zone on Yamal peninsula as the base for local space weather service

A.N. Zaitsev, V.G. Petrov, V.D. Kuznetsov (IZMIRAN, Russia)

14:0015:00 Lunch

15:0019:30 Poster session

Chair: A. Chulliat (IPGP, France)

Borok Geophysical Observatory sortware for geomagnetic data processing

E.M. Dmitriev, S.V. Anisimov (Borok (BOX) Geophysical Observatory IPE RAS, Russia)

Intellectual GIS "Earth Sciences Data for the Territory of Russia"

A.E. Berezko, A.A. Soloviev, A.Yu. Lebedev, R.I. Krasnoperov, A.I. Rybkina (GC RAS, Russia)

Visualization of Earth main magnetic field maps on a spherical display

R.I. Krasnoperov, A.E. Berezko, E.O. Kedrov (GC RAS, Russia)

Current sheet shape in "water bag" distribution plasma

I.M. Aleshin (IPE RAS, Russia)

Geomagnetic research in the North-East of Russia

A.V. Moiseyev, G.A. Makarov (IKFIA SB RAS, Russia)

Digital geomagnetic measurements in Moscow observatory

V.G. Petrov, V.D. Kuznetsov, V.A. Garbatsevich (IZMIRAN, Russia)

Dynamics of change of motion of North and South magnetic poles during the 2001-2009 period

T.I. Zvereva, V.P. Golovkov (IZMIRAN, Russia)

World Data Centers at Geophysical Center RAS

E.P. Kharin, N.A. Sergeyeva (GC RAS, Russia)

Measurement of the Earth's magnetic field in the conditions of increased electromagnetic noise

B.M. Shevcov, I.N. Poddelsky, A.I. Poddelsky (Magadan (MGD) Observatory IKIR FEB RAS, Russia)

Gravitational smoothing of time series

Sh.R. Bogoutdinov, A.I. Kagan, S.M. Agayan, A.D. Gvishiani (GC RAS, Russia)

The detection method of the impulse oscillating signals in time series of the geophysical data by mean of the slide spectral discriminative analysis

V.G. Getmanov (IPE RAS, Russia)

Electronic Journal "Herald of the Earth Sciences Branch"

E.O. Kedrov, V.A. Nechitaylenko, O.V. Alexanova, K.A. Bushmina, E.Yu. Firsova, N.F. Titskaya (GC RAS, Russia)

Development of data recorder for digital magnetovariational station QUARTZ-3EM

D.V. Kudin, E.O. Uchaikin (Gorno-Altai State University, Russia)

28 January, Friday

08:0009:00 Breakfast

09:0013:40 Session 3. Artificial intelligence and modeling in the analysis of geomagnetic data

Chair: M. Mandea (IPGP, France)

09:00 Theory and practice of calculations of magnetic fields of Anisotropic Bodies

V. I. Starostenko, V. N. Shuman, O. V. Legostaeva, A. S. Savchenko (Institute of Geophysics NAS, Ukraine)

09:30 Automated recognition of spikes on 1-minute and 1-second magnetograms

A.A. Soloviev, Sh.R. Bogoutdinov, S.M. Agayan, A.D. Gvishiani (GC RAS, Russia), A. Chulliat (IPGP, France)

09:50 The application of Neural Networks in the estimation of the Sq-component of the Earths magnetic field using INTERMAGNET data

P. Cilliers, P. Sutcliffe, P. Kotze (Hermanus (HER) Magnetic Observatory, South Africa)

10:20 Premonitory phenomena before magnetic storms and other extreme events

A.A. Soloviev (IIEPT RAS, Russia)

10:40 Fuzzy logic methods for geomagnetic event detection and analysis

R.G. Kulchinskiy, S.M. Agayan, Sh.R. Bogoutdinov, A.D. Gvishiani (GC RAS, Russia)

11:00 Preliminary regional orthogonal model (ROM) of the secular variation in Europe for 1980-2009 years

S.V. Filippov, T.I. Zvereva, S.V. Yakovleva, D.Yu. Abramova, V.P. Golovkov (IZMIRAN, Russia), V.. Maksymchuk (Institute of Geophysics NAS, Ukraine)

11:2011:40 Coffee break

11:40 Effects of station relocation in the aa index

R.Yu. Lukianova (AARI, IKI RAS, Russia), K. Mursula (University of Oulu, Finland)

12:00 Online determination of the quiet daily geomagnetic variation

.S. Janzhura, O.A. Troshichev (AARI, Russia)

12:20 Fuzzy logic analysis of discrete time series

S.D. Mikhalevski, S.M. Agayan (GC RAS, Russia)

12:40 Methods of the analysis of the geomagnetic pulsations global dynamics based on INTERMAGNET data

O.V. Kozyreva (IPE RAS, Russia)

13:00 Gradient magnetic surveys at altitudes of 20-40 km: correction of data of magnetic observatories and data of the magnetic surveys are carried out aboard the satellites

V.D. Kuznetsov, Yu.P. Tsvetkov, S.V. Filippov (IZMIRAN, Russia), O.M. Brekhov (MAI, Russia)

13:20 Geomagnetic data processing with use of adaptive noise canceller

A.N. Zaitzev, V.I. Odintsov (IZMIRAN, Russia)

14:0015:00 Lunch

15:0017:00 Session 4. International geophysical programs and projects

Chair: A.A. Soloviev (IIEPT RAS, Russia)

15:00 IAGA involvement in the Arctic research

M. Mandea (IPGP, France)

15:20 World Data System of International Council of Science

P. Cilliers (Hermanus (HER) Magnetic Observatory, South Africa)

15:40 Geomagnetic data in the World Data Center archives

J. Mabie (NOAA, USA)

16:00 Atlas of the Earths Main Magnetic Field

A.E. Berezko, A.V. Khokhlov, A.A. Soloviev, A.D. Gvishiani, E.A. Zhalkovsky (GC RAS, Russia), M. Mandea (IPGP, France)

16:20 Russian-Ukrainian segment of the World Data System

M.Z. Zgurovsky, K.V. Yefremov (NTU "KPI", Ukraine), A.D. Gvishiani, N.A. Sergeyeva, E.P. Kharin (GC RAS, Russia)

16:40 INTERMAGNET in Ukraine

V.I. Starostenko, O.V. Legostaieva, Yu.P. Sumaryk (Institute of Geophysics NAS, Ukraine)

17:0018:00 Discussions and closing of the Workshop

19:0019:30 Abrau-Dyurso cultural event

19:30 Gala dinner at the hotel restaurant

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