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"Artificial Intelligence in the Earth’s Magnetic Field Study.
INTERMAGNET Russian Segment."

Dear colleagues!

We inform you that the international conference “Artificial Intelligence in the Earth’s Magnetic Field Study. INTERMAGNET Russian Segment” has been held on 26–28 January 2011 in Uglich, Yaroslavl region.

The conference put together the leading scientists and specialists in geomagnetism and magnetic observations from Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Russia, USA and Ukraine.

At the conference there was a meeting between the institutions of RAS, overseeing the work of the Russian observatories and institutions of INTERMAGNET. On the base of these institutions an installation of new INTERMAGNET observatories is planned, including the institutions of RAS and ROSHYDROMET. As a result of this meeting the following important steps to join efforts in creating and developing the INTERMAGNET Russian Segment have been taken:

1. An agreement for joint working on the project of the INTERMAGNET Russian Segment deployment was concluded;

2. A decision to establish a Working group within the National Geophysical Committee of Russian Federation for creation of the INTERMAGNET Russian Segment was taken;

3. An agreement to establish a national node for collection and processing of geomagnetic data for serving the INTERMAGNET Russian Segment, based on the Geophysical Center of RAS with the perspective of INTERMAGNET Seventh–GIN (Geomagnetic Information Node) status acquisition, was reached;

4. The deployment of an experimental training temporary INTERMAGNET observatory, based on the magnetic station “Moscow” of IZMIRAN in Troitsk, Moscow Region, was initiated;

5. Leading scientists of geomagnetism formulated the recommendations on the deployment of new INTERMAGNET observatories in Russia.


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